Black licorice stains Sandpaper like rubbed on tongue taste tattoo, father time’s arthritic painting pain color of the words my lips form. . Dry parchment cheeks erase sugar smile dimples without practice. . Sticky thick caramel coating hard to swallow, gag reflex out smoother than in. . Bitter white inhale reminder tannin thick mucus palette cleanse smile-pulled; what no home cooked pan fried artificial sweetener ever did.Read More →

I crave your hot wet submersion, holding my head high above skin stuck surface tension tickling foam, a mermaid without gills. Your water logs my salty soluble tears the same as scented Epsom– bright faucet gurgle laughter stirring warmth: osmosis smile chemical reaction. . Your porcelain walls are just big enough for me alone. . I’ll soak until your bipolar hydrogen oxygen ionic bond slows cold, pull the plug and drain you so I can rinse off and walk out Clean.Read More →