Best first step at the start of unemployment is to sort out your feelings

  • Best first step at the start of unemployment is to sort out your feelings

Thinking back to the different times that I’ve lost my job, I recalled that the first thing I needed to do was talk about it. The loss of a job can be damaging to one’s ego, especially if they view their position as a part of their identity.


When I learned to de-couple myself from my work and adopt a “Me, inc” mentality, it became easier for me. By that point, I was working at an organization I ended up staying with for 10 years. I promised myself that I would make the choice to leave before they chose for me. Then, things got a little complicated and this is what exactly happened last October.


I think it was a bigger shock when I was younger and more of an idealist, but it still hurt this last time. I think anybody who gets that news needs to talk to someone about how they feel. I called my friend right away. It made a difference to say “I’m being laid off” out loud.


It triggers mixed emotions. Anger, because it is a bad thing. Disappointment, sadness. And then anxiety, as you try to figure out what you will do next. And, it’s a feeling of lost control.


So, I think one component of a system would allow the recently unemployed to speak with someone either via zoom or chat. The conversation would be a chance for them to “vent,” but they would also be steered towards possible solutions.



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