. Frank and I worked together to guide Mary up into the house and onto the couch in the living room. Once she was inside and more comfortable, Mary stripped out of her winter jacket, hats, and gloves, and tossed them onto the floor in front of the fireplace. At first I thought that she had clumsily dropped them on the floor, but it really did seem like she had launched her things onto the floor. Frank had returned to their truck to shut off the engine and get some of Mary’s things. By the time he had returned, Mary had arranged two of ourRead More →

. People once talked about the apocalypse as if it would have a tangible beginning. We remained unaware of its arrival for years, but now that we can look back it is easier to see the signs. After I was born, my parents moved to a single story white house on Clyde Road. My sister Tina was born five years later. I visited her in the hospital with my father, but she never made it home and never saw the nursery my parents had prepared for her. I was told that Tina had died from health problems, and discouraged from discussing her. My parents alsoRead More →