When Dodgy didn’t come back from his scavenger run, I, as his lieutenant, had assumed command of the Young Troop. At first, I had figured that he had been slowed down by the cops. He had gotten his name for being able to evade the pigs like track runners jump hurdles, but he was cautious when he had close calls. After a few days, the Young Troop started to whisper about how the social workers had tracked him down, or worse, how the shadow people might have gotten him. Once a week had passed, I called an assembly, and the Troop and I pricked ourRead More →

Black licorice stains Sandpaper like rubbed on tongue taste tattoo, father time’s arthritic painting pain color of the words my lips form. . Dry parchment cheeks erase sugar smile dimples without practice. . Sticky thick caramel coating hard to swallow, gag reflex out smoother than in. . Bitter white inhale reminder tannin thick mucus palette cleanse smile-pulled; what no home cooked pan fried artificial sweetener ever did.Read More →

I crave your hot wet submersion, holding my head high above skin stuck surface tension tickling foam, a mermaid without gills. Your water logs my salty soluble tears the same as scented Epsom– bright faucet gurgle laughter stirring warmth: osmosis smile chemical reaction. . Your porcelain walls are just big enough for me alone. . I’ll soak until your bipolar hydrogen oxygen ionic bond slows cold, pull the plug and drain you so I can rinse off and walk out Clean.Read More →

If you ask anybody in the world, they will recall vividly the events of May 7, 2019. This is the day on which an entire portion of the world’s population suddenly lost their clothes and became, as the U.S. government calls it, involuntarily nude. The day is most commonly referred to as the “nude awakening,” and even as I am writing this #nudeawakening is still trending on Twitter. While there are a lot of people with stories about how this nude awakening impacted their lives, there have been very few answers as to why this happened. Numerous politicians around the world have attempted to justRead More →

Last week, I was contacted via text message by someone who identified themselves as Andrew George. He wrote that he represented a company called Global Pharma, and that after reviewing my resume he would like to interview me for a possible work-from-home position with the company. As he began to evade most of my questions, and relayed additional information about the positions, I began to have a strong suspicion that this was a scam. First of all, it was unusual for someone to contact me via text, when normally the inquiry comes via email or the phone. Second, their word choice and sentence construction wasRead More →