Review: Lost in Space, Season 2


Some things that I enjoy about the show overall is its optimism, strong message about family, adherence (mostly) to science, and the fact that the characters get out of situations by figuring stuff out instead of using magic-like technology.


One thing that I was thinking about a lot after watching Season 2 is that you never see anybody use a gun. On other shows, weapons can be used to defend, attack, delay, cut through doors, create heat or fire, etc., but without one the characters (and writers) needed to think of ways to use science to solve a problem. The only exception to that is the Robot, which was used sparingly in Season 2.


I like the blend of locations, both on the planet(s) and on the Resolute. We had a little more taste of the whole “stranded on the planet” thing towards the beginning of the season, where they needed to recharge the Jupiter 2 before they could launch. They also made good use of the “ghost ship” idea as they explored the Resolute later, but I liked that the colonists were able to comeback, and then the show took a different direction. With the coming and going between the planet and the ship, I felt like it was a little like Battlestar Galactica, which is fine.


I see that there is a lot of hatred for Dr. Smith, and there were plenty of times that I found her character grating. Remember, that the Dr. Smith from the original series was intended to be more sinister, but later he was portrayed differently. I find that the character of Dr. Smith/June Harris seems much more ambiguous, whereas she is not exactly a villain but definitely not a good person. I suppose you could characterize her as an anti-hero. Some of her scenes even reminded me of the Joker from “The Dark Knight.”


I also felt perplexed by some of the political changes towards the end of the season. First the Robinsons weren’t listened to, then they took control of the ship, but then they were proven right and people basically did whatever they said should be done. By virtue of committing mutiny, it seems like they should have been placed in jail. Or, did the fact that the Resolute was about to leave behind all of those colonists cancel out the Robinson’s actions?


Another thing that occurred to me is that the captain had been trying very hard to preserve the Resolute, even said that the ship was important for the survival of mankind, but at the end there wasn’t any resistance to blowing up the ship. Or, putting the Robinsons in charge of its destruction.


I like where the season ended. It was another sharp turn to put all of the kids on a Jupiter and send them to Alpha Centauri, but I am intrigued by where they will take this latest development. It shifts the dynamics of the show towards the Robinson children, while perhaps allowing John and Maureen (& Company) to get in and out of trouble of their own.


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